Friday, April 2, 2010

Dream Journal #1 - The Witch dream

At the risk of exposing my internal, impulsive desires to the whole world, here is the first installation of my Dream Journal, illustrating a dream that I had last night. I will also provide a bit of analysis, but I'm sure that my readers can help me out with that as well.

I was in a house that was similar to my family's house, but it was located in a space that was more like the one my grandparents' (maternal) house occupies, but not exactly. It was surrounded by a large green lawn with a hill in on the side on the top of which stood a small cabin. It was an eerie night and strange things had started to occur. My family was not there, but I was with friends from Berkeley. Emma, Dom, and Laurie were there. It occurred to us that there was a band of witches that was attempting to capture/possess us. They had already possessed the dog (who was a condensation of Bella, my family's dog, and Ein, from Cowboy Bebop) who had begun acting strangely, running in circles and biting people's ankles. People were afraid that the dog might spread the possession to us and so it was decided that we would run up the hill to the cabin. As we went out into the dark, the moonlit clouds were shaped like witches on broomsticks in a pattern, kind of like wallpaper.

We felt that once we made it to the cabin we would be safe, although we also knew that the witches may already have gotten to the cabin. When we entered, their spell caused us to shrink to the size of salt and pepper shakers. But not much happened there, really, or I have forgotten.

In the morning we woke up to find that a large city had grown up overnight around the cabin. It was a big city kind of like Paris or London, but there was a beach and the buildings were light-colored, more like Marseille. We decided to go get coffee and breakfast in a nearby cafe. We walked up another hill, and I had the sense that the cafe that we chose was also inhabited by the witches. I didn't order anything, but others did. It was a sort of Vietnamese/Asian bakery/cafe. On the same street there was a sex shop with some prostitutes hanging around. I think that the prostitutes were either powerful enemies of the witches, or in league with them. We went back down the hill and Emma and Laurie stopped in another cafe, a fancier French-looking one, to sit down and have coffee. They sat in a corner booth one on each side of a creepy-looking man with no face. I tried to get them to leave with me, but they wanted to stay. But I wasn't going to stay with the faceless man and so I left by myself and walked toward the beach.

The hilly, dense city gave way to a large peninsula with beaches on either side of the connecting road. On the left, the beach came right up to the road but on the right the beach was farther down, on the other side of a rock formation. As I kept walking (I wrote watching first) I came upon a group of Australian tourists who were part of a singing group. They were standing in rows, taking group photos on top of the rock formation and all wearing the same red shirts. I walked past them and then turned around and walked past again. A girl who had climbed down from the group came up to me and started talking to me. She asked me if I would come down to the beach on the other side of the rock formation with her and take a picture of her topless with her camera. She wanted a picture of herself topless on the beach. This made me uncomfortable.

We came upon a whole in the rock formation through which we could see the beach and suddenly many people appeared there. I said that we shouldn't do it there because there were too many people (I actually didn't want to do it at all) but that the beach on our right (which was earlier on my left, since I turned around) was full of naked men and so would be an ideal place to take her picture (I still didn't want to do it). An attractive young surfer was on his hands and knees naked in the water, cleaning himself off. Suddenly her father appeared and so I left her there and made my way back to the city.

And that's all I can remember.

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